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Readers Respond: Should You Boycott BP?

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Millions of people are angry and frustrated with the way BP has mismanaged the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Should you boycott BP? Or is that a waste of time and effort? Read the accompanying article, and share your opinion on this important issue.


I think it is just the beginning. We, the people we mocked the planet and is now its turn. Must bear the consequences. We have earthquakes, catastrophic floods, prolonged droughts. Maybe we can still do something. Try to restore at least partially why we broke so easily.

Think of the small-businessman

I totally understand the urge to boycott BP. I don't shop there myself, but then again, I never went to BP stations anyway. But if you were already going, please don't stop. The store owners have bills to pay and kids to feed. Here's a link to another story that shows how hard it is for them. http://www.greenforum.com/green-news-informative-articles/3814-bp-station-owners-face-long-road-recovery.html These people don't make much money and they're not the Tony Hayward types.


If we are going to boycott BP, first we must think of how well our boycott of Exxon went. Although the Exxon Valdez disaster was much smaller it did greater damage due to where it happened, so should we still be boycotting Exxon? The BP mess isn't as great, because of where it happened, the Gulf of Mexico and it's history. Hidden in all of the press reports was the fact that oil has naturally been seeping out of the sea bed for thousands of years, so specific microbes developed specifically to eat oil. Yes hundreds of birds and turtles died, but a fraction of the birds and other animals that died in Alaska, because there wasn't that kind of microbe living in the cold water of the north to get rid of the oil, also the warmth of the water of the gulf help to evaporate the oil. So while the amount of oil released dwarfs the Exxon Valdez spill, in the long run the Exxon Valdez will continue to be the greater disaster.
—Guest Ed

Hurt your own self

If you boycott BP and take away their funds you will only hurt the country as if they go under who will pay for the clean up then. I think BP has done a lot more than they have a legal obligation to do. Federal law says that the most any oil company has to pay is 75,000,000.00 I think they have already way above that. Also we have thousands of oil wells in the gulf you would think that the U.S. would have a plan in place for just such possibilities. We have been lucky that it has not happened already. As for as capitalism forcing you to use your air and drive your cars, I do not think anyone anyone holds a gun to our heads to force us to do anything.
—Guest Ricky


I have long thought that our current lifstyle has literally been forced on us by the capitol-driven establishment. It really is time to wake up to the fact that our all consuming attitude of entitlement is finally catching up to us!
—Guest Marcia - Philadelphia

Boycott BP

After reading the article I got from About.com today, I will boycott BP. The article did not mention Gasohol which is available here in Kansas & helps support our local farmers. My son did a slight adjustment to the carburetor of my F-250 pick-up truck (which I need for hauling horses, etc) and it runs just as well and gets better MPG than on straight gas. Maybe you should explore and promote the use of Gasohol to help put a squeeze on the petroleum giants. Thank You for hearing me out.
—Guest Mimi

BP Boycot

OK, I have a fuel efficent car, I don't buy any of the products that you boycot, I am mad at the big wigs that are distroying our world, but REALLY what can I do that I havent been doing for years. My thermastate is set at 70 degrees, don't use air conditioners. Every one is out for the money. Thats what its all about MONEY
—Guest Marie


Only if you need short-term gratification. It doesn't do anything else.
—Guest Tay

Not going to boycott just yet

My car needs the correct detergent in the gas to clean the fuel injectors. I've been told that only Shell and BP gas has this. Is it true? I don't know, but researching this isn't at the top of my to-do list. Even more important - I *really* don't want to hurt small businesses at a time when everybody is hurting. A boycott would hurt them first and hardest. Close BP stations and put more people out of work? No. No.

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