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Readers Respond: Men vs. Women: Who's Greener?

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It was only a matter of time before the battle of the sexes entered the realm of sustainability. Who's greener, men or women? What's your opinion?

From the Author:

My article is a response to another article that celebrated certain aspects of women's green habits but conveniently ignored other aspects. Does that really make my article "nasty"? Nowhere did I claim that men are greener than women, but I'm also not going to pretend that women are much greener than men, as Ms. Lara did in her article. Even the title of her piece, "Why Women Are Better for the Planet," is, frankly, a simple case of female chauvinism. Imagine if my article had been titled, "Why Men Are Better for the Planet." I would have been vilified as a sexist, male-chauvinistic pig, and rightly so. But why, then, is it OK when a woman makes a similar claim? Answer: it isn't OK, and we all benefit when a double standard is exposed as the sexist, chauvinistic baloney that it is.

Woman Seeing Red Not Green Now

Shame on you for the nasty tone; it was counter productive to "green." You do not want blame placed on men but that is exactly what you placed on women. Your article suggest women are impulse buyers, ignorant of how to make "green" choices, and offered zero balance. Men buy significantly more beer than women. Guess they are the reason for the problem with alcoholism today. Wait! Women work out more than men so maybe men are to blame for the epidemic of obesity! Let's go even further, guys play more 3-rd person shooter games; no wonder men kill at a higher rate than women. You see my point yet? Instead of emphasizing the wonderful power to change things women may hold in their hands you condemned them and only pointed out problems with no real sollutions of guidance -- or even praise for effort! Golly. You got me so mad I think I will go shopping now to feel better. (at least that is the mentality you seem to have when it comes to women in your article!)
—Guest Anonymous

From a Facebook friend

These quotes come from a friend of mine on Facebook: "The original author made seven points; you made one. One that you assumed shot down all of hers, but it really didn't. The original article also had at least a modicum of humor, whereas your retort just seemed mean-spirited. Especially the example of bamboo bed linens as something women buy to be green. Also, you are off the mark in saying it's true only to a degree that women buy things for other people. Do you really think women are buying all those clothes, computers and vacations for themselves? Maybe the drugs, but not the rest of it :)

Statement from Current.com

This statement comes from Current.com, which joined this debate recently: "If there were ever a good reason for women and men to compete (psh...like we need a reason), going green is as good an excuse as any. There's ... the glaring fact every man and woman knows from experience: that women shop exponentially more than men in the first place. When going out to buy something new, determine whether you actually need it or if you're just engaging in retail therapy."

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