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Readers Respond: Your Favorite Green Cleaning Tip

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Got a favorite tip for using natural or green cleaning products? Share your secret with the rest of us.

Carbon cost of lemons for cleaning...

One small thought - lemons are not local (to many parts of the world). It's not so green to use a product which has been flown from South Africa/Turkey/Chile! I would make the same point about buying organic but exotic food like mangoes, papaya etc in general ... it doesn't matter if they're organic if they have been on a plane or a long distance truck to get to you! Not green! .....Love the vinegar tips though, thank you.
—Guest UK-greenie


Add lemon juice to sticky items and then wash them. it helps make ur cleaning easy.
—Guest Ramyaa


i liked that you showed a bottle of heinz vinegar. something that most people do not know is that most store brand vinegars are made from petroleum products.............yuck. if it doesn't say grain based it's petroleum. the only white vinegar i have that you can buy by the gallon is heinz. you really do not want to use apple cider vinegar to clean with. again the store brands of apple cider vinegar are petroleum based and have no apple in them. use heinz or bragg. one use for salt i have found is cleaning cast iron pots and skillets. get your tap water really hot and rinse the pan well. then sprinkle it with a healthy dose of salt, i use the cheap un-iodized salt and just keep it under the kitchen sink. get your dish cloth wet with the hot water squeezing out most of the water and scrub your pan. this method works much better than a scrub brush and it does not take away the seasoning. i clean my pans last thing at night and then put out a clean dish cloth for the next day.
—Guest livngreen

glass cleaner

to clean glass, add one cup vinegar to a gallon of hot water + one good handful of baking soda. keep it stirred up and apply with a sponge and remove with wadded up newspapers. excellent cleaning with NO STREAKS
—Guest baana


Use tamarind powder or paste to clean copper and brass vessels -- it's one of the best cleaning agents.
—Guest Ramyaa

Of course! Water!

Ahmed -- You're absolutely right ... water is the single best green cleaner around, and it's so obvious I forgot to add it to the list. Thanks for your mesage.

Favorite Green Cleaning Tip

water,from water has been made every thing n this universe OK.i use water to drink,wash,swim,play...........................ext. of course thebest way for cleaning up every thing even myself is water it is my Favorite Green Cleaning Tip.

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