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Green Travel, Ecotourism and Green Commuting


Green travel is taking the tourism industry by storm, but it isn't all eco-tourism and green hotels. Every time you leave the house, you can try green traveling by improving your car's MPG, whether you drive a hybrid car or commute to public transit. Green travel -- it's a trip!
  1. Green Travel and Your MPG
  2. Ecotourism and Green Hotels
  3. Public Transit to Alternative Fuels: New Technologies

Green Travel and Your MPG

Whether commuting to the office or running errands around town, improve your car's MPG, try public transit, look at hybrid cars and travel green.

Ecotourism and Green Hotels

Ecotourism is the fastest growing segment of the travel market, and for good reason: travelers are finding it's more fun and less expensive. Find a green hotel or an eco-resort, try an eco-tour, discover a sustainable destination and more.

Public Transit to Alternative Fuels: New Technologies

From alt-fuel vehicles and hybrid cars to mag-lev trains and electric autos, new technologies are making sure that the transportation industry isn't sitting down on green travel.

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