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Green Kids' Christmas Gifts for Under $50

Teach children about green living with a thoughtful gift


Give kids green, ethical gifts that promote sustainable design and green living while teaching children that you care about them as well as the Earth. They're also great for children's birthdays and other events. Best of all, they're priced under $50, making green shopping a lot easier.

1. Lion Hand Puppet


These hand puppets are hand-knit of wool with natural dyes at a rural cooperative in Kenya (where they know a thing or two about lions). Other animals are also available. $22.00.

2. Recycled Dump Truck

Green Ostrich

This cute little fella is made of 100% recycled plastic milk cartons and contains no BPA or phthalates. $24.99.

3. Garden in a Bag


What better -- and neater -- way for kids to learn about the natural world than to grow some of it themselves? Available with strawberry, nasturtium, sunflower or tomato seeds. $16.00.

4. Felted Wool Shark


Celebrate shark week every week with these fair-trade, handmade plush toys from Nepal. $18.00. Also available: plush dogs, turtles, lizards, monkeys, elephants and a whole menagerie of others.

5. Organic Cotton Lunch Bags

Uncommon Goods

Lightweight, sturdy cotton lunch bags are are machine washable and lined with BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic. $18.00. Also available: Waste-free lunch kits, $45.00.

6. Cubebot


Inspired by Japanese puzzles, the Cubeot is made of sustainable cherry wood and can assume hundreds of different shapes. Two sizes, $26.00 and $36.00. Also available: Wood cube gorillas, bears and rhinos.

7. Blanket Buddy

Uncommon Goods

Snuggle up to a blanket buddy made from extra apparel material. $40.00. Also available: Sock monkey blanket, animal hand puppets; prices vary.

8. Eco-Art Pad and Eco-Paint

Uncommon Goods

Your child's inner artist can bloom with this art pad made from banana fibers and recycled material; the paints are made of vegetable dyes like beets and blueberries. $12.00 to $20.00. Also available: Eco-Dough all-natural sculpting dough, $20.00.

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