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Science and technology are leading the way to a more sustainable lifestyle for all.

What Is a GMO?
A genetically modified organism, or GMO, is a living organism whose DNA has been fundamentally altered through genetic engineering. How safe are GMO crops and foods, and what are the social, legal and environmental issues surrounding GMO research?

What Are Genetically Modified Foods?
Many people don't realize that the food they're buying and eating may be genetically modified foods, or GMO foods. What exactly are genetically engineered foods, and are they safe to eat?

What Is a CFL?
What is a CFL, and how do compact fluorescent lamps save money? Read this definition of CFLs and learn about the benefits and risks of CFL lighting.

What is Fracking
What is fracking? Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas from deep underground. But how safe is fracking, and what are the potential risks?

What Is Biomass Energy?
What is biomass energy, and is it a practical alternative to fossil fuels and other non-renewable forms of energy? Discover the many sources of biomass energy like switchgrass, and its advantages and disadvantages as a source of renewable energy.

Watt’s Up With Energy-Saving Light Bulbs?
Energy-saving light bulbs can save consumers money and provide good-quality light. With halogens, CFLs, LEDs, OLEDs, and incandescent bulbs available, what are the best options for energy-efficient lights?

Alternative Fuels 101
Using alternative fuels is easier than you might think. Here's why making the switch to alt fuels makes sense.

Switching to Solar Power
With energy prices continuing to rise, more and more are turning to solar power to heat their water and provide electricity.

Are Hybrids Worth the Hype?
Is hybrid technology -- and the accompanying price premium -- worth it to the consumer, or are car companies just marketing to greenies?

What is a Flywheel Hybrid Vehicle?
A flywheel hybrid (sometimes called a "flybrid") is a hybrid vehicle that uses a mechanical flywheel storage device instead of a battery to accumulate and release braking energy.

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?
Fracking and earthquakes have been linked for years, but the issue is getting new scrutiny now that places like Oklahoma and Ohio -- not known for seismic activity -- are reporting thousands of earthquakes every year. Does fracking cause earthquakes?

Briefing: Transparent Solar Cells
Yang Yang of the California NanoSystems Institute, or CNSI, is leading a team that has created a transparent polymer solar cell that can be applied to windows. The technology has the potential to revolutionize solar energy.

All About Wind Power
Millions of people see wind power as a better way to generate electricity than plants fueled by coal, hydro (water) or nuclear power.

A Green Guide to Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
Guide to Energy-Saving Lights

What Is DDT?
DDT is a controversial chemical compound used as a pesticide, and though it's effective at fighting malaria and other insect-born diseases, DDT has been banned in many countries including the United States. Find out more about the history and the effects of DDT.

How Real Is the Water Crisis?
The water crisis now gripping some parts of the world is likely to spread, and few nations are prepared for a world water crisis. Drought, water shortage and a lack of safe drinking water are among the most immediate challenges facing the world today.

The Causes and Effects of Acid Rain
Acid rain has emerged as one of the most important green issues of our time. But what causes acid rain, and what are the effects of acid rain?

A Brief Chat About the Keystone Pipeline
The Keystone Pipeline is one of the most controversial environmental and energy issues facing America. Will the Keystone Pipeline, developed by TransCanada Corporation, provide jobs and energy, or will it be a financial and environmental disaster? Get the facts on the Keystone Pipeline, and view a Keystone pipeline map.

What Is a Greenhouse Gas?
What is a greenhouse gas? Discover the link between greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, the Earth's greenhouse effect, and how GHG can influence global warming and climate change. Change your green house gas output.

Beached Whales and Sonar: What's the Link?
Beached whales and sonar - what's the link? New research has found a disturbing connection between whale beaching and sonar used by navies to track submarines.

Woody Biomass: Using Wood as Fuel
Woody biomass is an ancient way to use plant matter as fuel, and wood is again becoming a popular energy source. Wood pellets, firewood and other plant materials are used for heat in many homes and businesses, and woody biomass is used for heat and energy in many businesses and institutions. Discover other facts about wood fuel and woody biomass as a source of energy.

Find a Good Green App
If you're looking for a green app to help you go green, look no further. Here's a list of some of the best green apps for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and Blackberry phones. Find your favorite new environmental app here.

Nuclear Power, Pros and Cons
Nuclear energy is one of the most hotly debated energy and environmental issues. What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plants? And given our history of nuclear accidents, is "nuclear safety" an oxymoron?

The Windy City Discovers Wind Power
Around the world, wind turbines are demonstrating the advantages of wind power. Discover why Chicago has taken a leadership position in wind energy development.

Briefing: The Greenhouse Effect
Take a look at how the greenhouse effect makes life on the planet possible, and how it also contributes to global warming and climate change. Discover how the green house effect works.

Briefing: Types of Green Energy
Green energy is the best way of mitigating the environmental impact of energy use, but how realistic is clean energy as a source of power today? Take a look at these different types of energy sources.

Advantages of Wind Turbines
Advantages of Wind Turbines

Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?
Do wind turbines kill birds? Some claim that green-energy wind farms kill eagles, condors and thousands of other birds every year, giving wind energy a black eye.

Barrier Islands, Coastal Erosion
barrier islands, coastal erosion

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