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Green living is healthy living. Find out about local foods, slow foods, organic and natural products, green bath and body products, natural herbs and supplements, and more.

Organic Food: Worth the Cost?
What is organic food, and is it worth paying more for USDA-certified organic products? There are many green benefits to sustainable farms, but organic foods can still be junk food.

All About Natural Foods
The quest for natural foods has revolutionized the way people shop, eat and live. But what is organic food, and what's the difference between regular food and organic produce and other food items?

Let's Chat About Agribusiness and the Factory Farm
The environmental impact of the factory farm and big agribusiness cannot be denied. Though there are some advantages to factory farms, concentrated animal feed lots, or CAFOs, have horrific environmental impacts.

Top 12 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Buy Organic
Here is a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables that are best bought organic.

What's the Dish on Sustainable Seafood?
Choosing healthy, sustainable seafood can be daunting, with concerns about overfishing, mercury in fish and other issues. Here are ways to make smart, sustainable seafood choices.

A Guide to Natural and Organic Food

Do Public Health Crises Follow Natural Disasters?
Do epidemics and other public health crises follow natural disasters? In some cases, diseases like cholera, diarrhea and tetanus can occur, but not in others.

Green Cleaning with Homemade Cleaners
Ready to start green cleaning with homemade cleaners? Clean your home with the eight healthy, green cleaners listed here. From the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower and toilet, these eco-friendly natural cleaners will get the job done -- and for a lot less money.

What's Cracking With Organic Eggs?
Organic eggs are different from free-range eggs. Organic eggs must meet specific USDA standards for feed, antibiotic use and other criteria. But what about cage-free eggs, vegetarian eggs and so-called natural eggs? Get the facts on egg grading.

What Is the Paleo Diet?
The paleo diet is an attempt to return to the foods eaten by hunter-gatherers or "early man," whatever that means. But is paleo food safe and healthy - and what's the environmental impact of a paleodiet or the so-called caveman diet?

Should You Buy an Air Purifier?
If you're looking for an air purifier to clean impurities like smoke, pollen, dust, mold and pet dander from the air in your home, what should you look for? Or do air purifiers work? Here's some advice for clearing up the air you breathe with an air filter.

Honeywell Quietclean Air Purifier: a Review
The Honeywell Air Purifier has a built-in, permanent air filter that can be removed for cleaning. Though it's not a HEPA-type air purifier and it emits ozone (a potentially hazardous gas), the Honeywell QuietClean Air Purifier is Energy Star certified.

Antibiotics and Livestock: An 'Apocalyptic Scenario"?
The reckless use of antibiotics, warns British health official Sally Davies, leaves us vulnerable to superbugs that can resist any drug, leaving human and animal health in grave danger. And now we know just how much of our antibiotic use is for healthy farm livestock.

Endocrine Disruptors: A World on Drugs
Endocrine disruptors like BPA, phthalates and drugs are to blame for the shocking number of wild fish being found with severe birth defects, say experts. What risks, like birth defects including hypospadia, do endocrine-disrupting chemicals and hormone disruptors present to humans?

Eating Insects: You Want Flies With That?
The UN is urging people to eat insects. Would you consider insects as food? Will Americans ever eat bugs?

Who Makes the Best Natural Sunscreen?
Natural sunscreen with SPF - what's the best one to protect you and your baby's sensitive skin, according to the EWG, or Environmental Working Group? Is it Coppertone, Soleo, Blue Lizard, Mustela or another? Find tips on how to buy and use fragrance-free, organic sunblock.

8 Easy Ways to Have a Green Bathroom
Looking to go green in your bathroom? You can have a green bathroom with these easy ways to save water and energy. Your shower, your toilet and your sink can all be eco-bathroom fixtures. You'll lower your water and electric bills, too, with these green bathroom ideas.

What Are Phthalates?
What are phthalates and why should you care? These plasticizers are found in thousands of ordinary household products like toys and baby items, and are endocrine disruptors that may be affecting your family's health.

A Brief Chat About Phthalates
What is a phthalate and why should you worry about phthalates? These chemicals are found in many household products like toys and baby bottles, and are endocrine disruptors that may be affecting your family's health.

Dispose of Medication the Safe Way
The safe way to dispose of medication doesn't mean flushing drugs down the toilet, where they'll pollute groundwater and drinking water supplies. But what is the safest way to dispose of drugs?

Lead: The Useful Toxin
Lead has been used for thousands of years, but that usefulness comes at a price: lead poisoning, or plumbism. Get the facts about lead, Pb.

The Science of Natural Beauty
Natural beauty and skin care products are becoming more popular as consumers look for safe, healthy lotions, shampoo, perfume and other beauty products. Some have few if any synthetic ingredients, and a few are certified organic products.

Green Golf Course
Green Golf Course

Take a Hike: The Benefits of Outdoor Activity
Can outdoor activity or a green workout help your stress management, self-esteem and mood? Researchers from Britain say it can, and the benefits of green exercise start after just 5 minutes of walking, biking, gardening or hiking outdoors.

Antibiotic Resistance and Your Dinner
Health experts are alarmed at our reckless use of antibiotics, and fear their overuse is creating a vast army of "superbug" bacteria with antibiotic resistance. Perhaps the biggest villains in the overuse of antibiotics are factory farms that raise millions of cattle, pigs, chicken and other livestock.

Why Is Triclosan in Antibacterial Soaps?
Triclosan is found in antibacterial soaps and hundreds of other household products, including clothing, furniture, toys and furniture. Experts agree that using so-called "antibacterial soaps" with triclosan does nothing more than ordinary soap, except that its overuse can lead to the growth of antibiotic-resistant "superbug" bacteria like MRSA.

What Is Organic Beef?
What is organic beef, and is this so-called green beef also healthy beef? Organic beef is not the same as grass-fed beef or pasture-fed meat, and there's no consensus on what constitutes healthy beef.

What Is Grass-Fed Beef?
Grass-fed beef, as the name implies, comes from cows raised in grass pastures instead of raised on grain. Fans of grass-fed cattle claim it's a leaner, healthier and tastier meat, and has many environmental advantages as well, but it's different from organic meat.

Why Are Sulfites in Wine?
Sulfites are found in most wines. But why are sulfites in wine, are they safe, and how can you find sulfite-free wine?

Organic Wine Est Arrivé!
Organic wine must meet USDA criteria before it can wear the coveted "USDA Organic" label. But is wine from organic grapes from Frey, Bonterra, Badger Mountain and other organic wineries as good as fine wine?

All Aboard the Rail-to-Trail Movement
The rail-to-trail movement, by renovating old railroad lines, is reshaping America, from urban centers to isolated rural towns. How tough is it to turn rails to trails?

A Guide to Organic Wine and Natural Wine
Organic wine, natural wine, biodynamic wine, even vegan wine -- it's enough to make you dizzy before you've even taken a sip. Get the facts on these excellent, high-quality wines that are grown sustainably.

Green Wine: Uncorking the Mystery
What is green wine, and how does it differ from organic wine or other wines? And are any of these healthy wine? There's no simple answer, so people looking for green wines should learn what these wine terms mean -- and what they don't mean.

Free-Range Chicken: What the Cluck?
What is free-range chicken, and is it better, safer or more nutritious than regular or organic chicken? Get the facts on freerange chicken.

What Are Free Range Eggs?
What are free range eggs, and are they healthy eggs? Unlike certified organic eggs, anyone can call their products free range or vegetarian eggs without third-party verification.

Organic Milk vs Regular Milk: Udderly Superior
Organic milk has many advantages over regular milk, but price isn't one of them. What are the benefits of organic milk, and why is it so expensive? Compare organic milk vs regular milk, and get the facts on milk hormones and milk antibiotics.

Best Organic Food Buys
Organic food can be a little more costly, so look for the best organic food buys whenever possible, courtesy of the Environmental Working Group, or EWG.

Organic vs Inorganic: Food Fight!
Organic vs inorganic - which is the better produce? Organic fruit and organic vegetables are grown under the watchful eye of the USDA organic program. But what makes organic fruit different, and are organic vegetables safer or healthier to eat?

Craft Beer and Organic Beer: Get Hoppy
Craft beer and organic beer were once niche products, but sales of these suds have skyrocketed in recent years. What makes a beer organic, and is organic beer the same as natural beer?

Let's Talk About VOC-Containing Paint
What is a volatile organic compound, or VOC? VOCs are found in a number of products including paint. There are eco-friendly paint products, including low-VOC paint and no-VOC paint and painting supplies.

How to Live With No Car
Life with no car sounds un-American, but millions of people are finding that an auto-free lifestyle liberates them. From sexy electric motorcycles to use public transportation to good ol' walking, the alternatives to driving a car can be really sweet.

Let's Talk About Indoor Pollutants
Indoor air quality is affected by asbestos, radon, carbon monoxide, mold and other kinds of indoor pollutants. Get the facts on air quality and health, sick building syndrome, healthy ventilation and indoor air pollution.

DEET vs. Natural Insect Repellents
Many natural insect repellents claim to repel bugs as well as DEET. But how effective is a natural repellent made of green ingredients like lemon eucalyptus oil, picaridin or IR3535?

How to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste
One of the scariest parts of house cleaning is disposing of household hazardous waste -- the old paint, bug spray, motor oil and other hazardous waste materials that are found in every garage and kitchen. Here's how to dispose of hazardous wastes the safe and easy way.

8 Tips for Natural Pet Care
Your dog or cat deserves natural pet care. From natural dog food and holistic cat food to all natural pet shampoo, snacks and bedding, you can find easy and affordable ways to keep your pet healthy and happy.

What Is Organic Chocolate and Fair Trade Chocolate?
Organic chocolate and fair-trade chocolate are fast-growing segments of the candy market. But what makes organic chocolate different, and how fair is fair trade chocolate?

How to Get Rid of Smells Naturally
A natural home deodorizer is safer than other air fresheners when your house smells, right? Wrong. Several brands of "natural" air fresheners also contain several toxic compounds. Keep indoor air fresh with safe, healthy products that combat home odor. Here's how to get rid of smells naturally.

6 Tips for Natural Pest Control
Natural pest control is safer, and often more effective, than chemical pesticides at managing the bugs that want to share your home. There are safe, natural practices that will keep you healthy and keep your home free from insects and other pests.

Hot Drinks: Natural Tea and Organic Tea
The market for natural tea and organic tea is growing as fast as the demand for other organic foods. But what exactly makes it a natural, organic or fair trade tea?

How Safe Is Plastic in a Microwave?
We all put plastic in the microwave, but is it safe to microwave plastic? And can BPA or phthalates make you sick? The answer may surprise you.

Discover Organic and Natural Dog Nutrition
Is there any such thing as organic dog food? And does the term "natural dog food" have any real meaning? Discover how to find the best in dog nutrition, and learn what to look for on dog food labels.

Briefing: Blue-Green Algae and Health Risks
Toxic blue-green algae can make people sick and can kill dogs and other animals. Several states have issues warnings about HABs, or harmful algal blooms, for summer. Get the facts on toxic algae blooms and cyanobacteria.

What Is DDT?
DDT is a controversial chemical compound used as a pesticide, and though it's effective at fighting malaria and other insect-born diseases, DDT has been banned in many countries including the United States. Find out more about the history and the effects of DDT.

A Quick Chat About Slow Food
Slow food and the slow food movement are one part of the larger slow movement, a liveable, creative antidote to the modern world's emphasis on speed and mass consumption. But what is slow food, and how can one adopt a slow foods lifestyle as advocated by Carlo Petrini?

Methylmercury and Mercury Facts
Methylmercury and Mercury Facts

Briefing: Radon Risk
A radon map reveals the areas where radon risk is highest. Learn how radon can affect your health.

Indoor Plants and Indoor Air Quality
Do indoor plants purify air? Several studies support the popular notion that indoor air quality is improved with phytoremediation from indoor house plants. Fight indoor air pollution with houseplants.

10 Surprising Uses for Vinegar
Cleaning with vinegar is just one of many uses for this "miracle" product. There are dozens of household uses for vinegar, from lawn care to laundry. Discover how green cleaning with ordinary white vinegar can keep your household safe, healthy and clean.

Briefing: What Is Formaldehyde?
What is formaldehyde, and what are its risks? Get the facts on methanal, on formaldehyde safety and the compound's link to cancer.

What is Arsenic?
Arsenic is commonly found in water, soil and foods -- but is it safe? Get the facts on arsenic in juice, rice and other food.

Emergencies: How to Be Prepared
Emergencies can't be accurately predicted, but they are inevitable, so emergency preparedness and response is critical. Here are some smart survival tips that will help you learn how to be prepared for emergencies and natural disasters.

8 Hazardous Substances in Your Home
Hazardous substances in your house present a real risk to you and your family. Some of these hazardous chemicals are well-known, like pesticides and cleaning fluids, while others are uninvited guests: radon, BPA, phthalates, VOCs, formaldehyde, DDT, triclosan, mercury and perchloroethylene. Get the facts on these toxic substances in your home...

Aftermath: The Chernobyl Disaster
Chernobyl was the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history. Discover the tragic history of the Chernobyl accident, and take a look at what's happening on the site today.

Cleaning a Broken CFL Light Bulb
Got a broken compact fluorescent bulb in your house. Safely cleaning up a broken CFL bulb isn't as easy as sweeping it into the trash - especially if you have children or pets. Find out how to make CFL cleanup a safe task, and make sure your cleanup doesn't endanger your family.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Silent Killer
Carbon monoxide - chemical formula CO - is a potentially deadly gas that's produced when a fuel is burned, including wood, gasoline, oil, plant matter or another source of combustion. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Big Smoke
The Big Smoke, also known as the Great Smog of 1952, killed about 12,000 people in the London area over just a few weeks. What happened in London in 1952, and could the London Smog of 1952 happen again?

Aquaculture: Feeding a Hungry World
Aquaculture and fish farming is one of the fastest-growing areas of agribusiness, and is an economic alternative to ocean and wild fisheries. But the environmental and health risks of a fish farm can't be ignored.

What Is BPA?
Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a chemical compound found in plastic baby bottles, canned foods, water bottles and many other common consumer products. BPA is suspected to be an endocrine disruptor, or hormone disruptor, a type of compound linked to birth defects.

Green Bullets: Hunting with Lead-Free Ammunition
The U.S. military is switching to non-lead ammunition to reduce the risk of lead poisoning. Many hunters, too, are switching to lead-free ammo, green ammo or green bullets.

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