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Green Shopping and Buying Green

Green shopping is good for you and for the planet. Learn about greenwashing, clock.gifts, labels and certifications, organic and natural products, green retailers, precycling, packaging and reviews of green products.

A Guide to Natural and Organic Food

Your Green Shopping Mall
If you're trying to shop green during the holiday season, or any season, here's a handy list of green shopping sites. This list of green stores will make your shopping easier and more eco-friendly. Go green and shop green today!

All About Natural Foods
The quest for natural foods has revolutionized the way people shop, eat and live. But what is organic food, and what's the difference between regular food and organic produce and other food items?

Best Organic Food Buys
Organic food can be a little more costly, so look for the best organic food buys whenever possible, courtesy of the Environmental Working Group, or EWG.

Is Fair Trade a Fair Deal?
As the market for sustainable, fair trade products grows, more shops are carrying certified fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, cotton clothing, fruits and other items. Learn about fair trade, organic and other certified sustainable goods.

Green Flowers: A Real Bed of Roses
Green flowers and organic flowers are a great alternative to regular flowers, but are regular flowers really unsafe? What makes green roses and organic roses from a green florist a better gift?

A Guide to Your Local Farmer’s Market
Looking for tips on conquering your local farmers market? Find a local farmers market, and get some advice from veteran shoppers on making farmers markets and green markets your favorite place to shop for organic produce, artisanal foods and more.

10 Ways to Know Greenwashing When You See It
Greenwashing occurs when people, governments or companies boast about environmental credentials that just aren't true, or provide only half the truth. Here are ten ways to spot a greenwash ad when you've seen one.

The Buzz on Organic Coffee
Organic coffee - what makes it different? Learn about fair trade coffee, shade-grown coffee and bird-friendly coffee, so you can relax and enjoy your next cup o' joe.

Should I Boycott BP?
Should I boycott BP? Millions of consumers are considering a boycott of the troubled oil and gas company, formerly known as British Petroleum. But what, if anything, will a boycott of BP accomplish?

Green Gifts for Kids - Green Gifts for Children - Gifts for Kids
Give kids a green, sustainable holiday gift that keeps giving year-round. They're also great for birthdays and other events. Eco-friendly gift ideas promote sustainable design and green living while teaching children that you care about them as well as the Earth. Best of all, they're priced under $50, so you can save some green, too.

6 Tips for Green and Cheap School Supplies

Shopping for eco-friendly, cheap school supplies doesn't require a Ph.D. -- or a lot of money. Here's a cheap school supplies list that includes green school supplies to make an eco-friendly back-to-school easier and less expensive -- for students as well as their parents.

10 Tips for Healthy, Green Babies
Parents looking for ways to have happy, healthy, green babies can use these 10 simple green baby tips. From your green nursery to eco diapers and green baby clothing, make your child and your home healthy, safe and natural.

Whole Green Catalog: 1,000 Best Things for You and the Earth
The Whole Green Catalog presents thousands of products and tips for green living and sustainable shopping. Read this review and find out why, despite many good features, the Whole Green Catalog falls short of its promise.

A Guide to Organic Wine and Natural Wine
Organic wine, natural wine, biodynamic wine, even vegan wine -- it's enough to make you dizzy before you've even taken a sip. Get the facts on these excellent, high-quality wines that are grown sustainably.

Review of Antieco T-shirts and Totes

Review: ChicoBag Messenger Bag
ChicoBag is a manufacturer of reusable bags, including their new messenger bag, made of 80 percent recycled content. How did the bag hold up under use? Read this review and find out.

Should Cities Divest from Fossil Fuels?
Mayors of 10 large and mid-sized American cities have agreed to divest from fossil fuel investments. Why are people moving away from fossil fuels?

Free-Range Chicken: What the Cluck?
What is free-range chicken, and is it better, safer or more nutritious than regular or organic chicken? Get the facts on freerange chicken.

Organic Wine Est Arrivé!
Organic wine must meet USDA criteria before it can wear the coveted "USDA Organic" label. But is wine from organic grapes from Frey, Bonterra, Badger Mountain and other organic wineries as good as fine wine?

What Is Biodynamic Wine?
Biodynamic wine is different from organic wine, natural wine, sustainable wine and other specialty types of green wine. Find out which biodynamic farming techniques are used to make the biodynamic wines that meets the standards of the Demeter Association.

What Is Vegan Wine?
What is vegan wine and vegetarian wine? You could be forgiven for thinking all wines are free of animal products, but that's actually not the case. Vegan wines differ in their use of finings, products used to make the wine clear.

Women vs. Men: The Green Battle of the Sexes
It was only a matter of time before the battle of the sexes entered the realm of sustainability. Who's greener, men or women? The differences between men are women are apparent, but is one sex more sustainable than another?

Why Are Sulfites in Wine?
Sulfites are found in most wines. But why are sulfites in wine, are they safe, and how can you find sulfite-free wine?

Green Wine: Uncorking the Mystery
What is green wine, and how does it differ from organic wine or other wines? And are any of these healthy wine? There's no simple answer, so people looking for green wines should learn what these wine terms mean -- and what they don't mean.

What Is Grass-Fed Beef?
Grass-fed beef, as the name implies, comes from cows raised in grass pastures instead of raised on grain. Fans of grass-fed cattle claim it's a leaner, healthier and tastier meat, and has many environmental advantages as well, but it's different from organic meat.

Antibiotic Resistance and Your Dinner
Health experts are alarmed at our reckless use of antibiotics, and fear their overuse is creating a vast army of "superbug" bacteria with antibiotic resistance. Perhaps the biggest villains in the overuse of antibiotics are factory farms that raise millions of cattle, pigs, chicken and other livestock.

What's the Dish on Sustainable Seafood?
Choosing healthy, sustainable seafood can be daunting, with concerns about overfishing, mercury in fish and other issues. Here are ways to make smart, sustainable seafood choices.

What Are Free Range Eggs?
What are free range eggs, and are they healthy eggs? Unlike certified organic eggs, anyone can call their products free range or vegetarian eggs without third-party verification.

Green Shopping for Under 50 Bucks
This Christmas, go green shopping for the men and women on your gift list. Find a green present that's also great for birthdays, weddings and other events.

LED Christmas Lights: A Bright Idea
LED Christmas lights are not only safer than older incandescent lights, but these indoor and outdoor Christmas lights use a lot less energy. Decorate your home this holiday with LED lights on your Christmas tree, holiday wreaths and other seasonal decorations for big energy savings this season.

The Science of Natural Beauty
Natural beauty and skin care products are becoming more popular as consumers look for safe, healthy lotions, shampoo, perfume and other beauty products. Some have few if any synthetic ingredients, and a few are certified organic products.

Organic Milk vs Regular Milk: Udderly Superior
Organic milk has many advantages over regular milk, but price isn't one of them. What are the benefits of organic milk, and why is it so expensive? Compare organic milk vs regular milk, and get the facts on milk hormones and milk antibiotics.

Organic vs Inorganic: Food Fight!
Organic vs inorganic - which is the better produce? Organic fruit and organic vegetables are grown under the watchful eye of the USDA organic program. But what makes organic fruit different, and are organic vegetables safer or healthier to eat?

Overfishing and Our Finite Seas
Overfishing and poor fisheries management using trawlers and drift nets has left our fishing stocks dangerous depleted. Can sustainable fisheries reverse this trend?

Organic Food: Worth the Cost?
What is organic food, and is it worth paying more for USDA-certified organic products? There are many green benefits to sustainable farms, but organic foods can still be junk food.

Let's Chat About Agribusiness and the Factory Farm
The environmental impact of the factory farm and big agribusiness cannot be denied. Though there are some advantages to factory farms, concentrated animal feed lots, or CAFOs, have horrific environmental impacts.

Craft Beer and Organic Beer: Get Hoppy
Craft beer and organic beer were once niche products, but sales of these suds have skyrocketed in recent years. What makes a beer organic, and is organic beer the same as natural beer?

Should You Buy an Air Purifier?
If you're looking for an air purifier to clean impurities like smoke, pollen, dust, mold and pet dander from the air in your home, what should you look for? Or do air purifiers work? Here's some advice for clearing up the air you breathe with an air filter.

5 Tips for Green Design on a Budget
Green design has a reputation for being expensive. But designer Cindy Ojczyk, LEED AP, has a few suggestions on how to create a great green interior design on a budget.

Why Is Triclosan in Antibacterial Soaps?
Triclosan is found in antibacterial soaps and hundreds of other household products, including clothing, furniture, toys and furniture. Experts agree that using so-called "antibacterial soaps" with triclosan does nothing more than ordinary soap, except that its overuse can lead to the growth of antibiotic-resistant "superbug" bacteria like MRSA.

What's the Dirt on Green Dry Cleaning?
Green dry cleaning without the chemical perchloroethylene, or perc, can still get your clothes clean and fresh. Can dry cleaning with perchloroethylene really contribute to cancer, and where are the natural or green dry cleaners?

What Is Organic Chocolate and Fair Trade Chocolate?
Organic chocolate and fair-trade chocolate are fast-growing segments of the candy market. But what makes organic chocolate different, and how fair is fair trade chocolate?

Hot Drinks: Natural Tea and Organic Tea
The market for natural tea and organic tea is growing as fast as the demand for other organic foods. But what exactly makes it a natural, organic or fair trade tea?

A Brief Chat About Local Foods
If you're looking for ways to eat green, try local foods. Locavores who choose locally grown foods whenever possible find a number of advantages to eating local foods. And there are many sources of local foods all around the country.

A Brief Chat About Exotic Pets
The international trade in exotic pets and exotic animals is a multi-billion dollar industry that's threatening to wipe out populations of endangered species worldwide. Why do people want exotic animal pets, and what happens to exotic pet animals when they're imported into a foreign country?

Factory Food, and How to Avoid It
Factory food is killing us - and the planet. While processed food and other unhealthy food-like concoctions ravage our health, the production of food on factory farms and CAFOs is destroying the planet.

What Makes a Green Product Package?
What makes a green product package? There's a lot of evidence that consumers are thinking about green packaging material, including product packaging made from mycelium, when they make purchasing decisions. Get the facts on green packing here.

The Once and Healthy Salmon Farm
What's the difference between wild salmon and those from a salmon farm?

Should We Ban Plastic Bags?
Should we ban plastic bags? A number of communities already have, while others have proposed a tax on the use of plastic bags.

Who Makes the Best Natural Sunscreen?
Natural sunscreen with SPF - what's the best one to protect you and your baby's sensitive skin, according to the EWG, or Environmental Working Group? Is it Coppertone, Soleo, Blue Lizard, Mustela or another? Find tips on how to buy and use fragrance-free, organic sunblock.

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