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Earth Day 2013


Looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day 2013? Discover Earth Day activities for kids including games, art projects, crafts and other Earth Day ideas. And grown-ups can find a range of Earth Day information, activities and events to remind them of the importance of green living and sustainable lifestyles.
  1. Earth Day Facts
  2. Earth Day and Kids
  3. Earth Day Activism
  4. Earth Day 2013 Activities

Earth Day Facts

earth day facts

Earth Day has become an international celebration of all things environmental. But what are the basic facts on Earth Day? How did it start, and why? Here are some Earth Day facts for everyone -- including parents, teachers and kids.

Earth Day and Kids

Earth Day and kids are a natural combination -- with their sense of wonder and excitement about the natural environment, as well as their boundless energy, Earth Day is the perfect time to get them involved in games, arts, music, crafts and anything else that celebrates the world outside.

Earth Day Activism

occupy wall street environmental

For people who take a more hands-on approach to environmental issues, Earth Day is the ideal chance to get involved in green living and sustainability issues. Write your congressman, volunteer to clean-up a park or river, or start a protest: It's the most patriotic way to celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day 2013 Activities

All around the world, individuals and communities are gearing up for the Earth Day 2013 celebration on April 22 -- and often, the weekend before and after.

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