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Green Living Basics

Looking for an introduction to green living? Here you'll find simple tips for leading a more sustainable life.

8 Easy Ways to Go Green
If you're looking for simple tips to go green, these 8 ideas will help to make it easy, fun and economical to start green living. Best of all, sustainable, green living can save you money while also saving the environment. Go green today!

When Is Earth Day 2013?
When is Earth Day 2013? Each year, Earth Day falls on April 22, and in 2013, Earth Day occurs on a Monday. Find more Earth Day facts, Earth Day games and activities for kids, a history of Earth Day, and other Earth Day ideas and suggestions.

Let's Talk About Climate Change
Climate change and global warming are hot topics, and getting hotter every day. Here's a brief conversation about the facts on greenhouse gases, politics like the Kyoto Protocol, and your carbon footprint.

10 Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage
Looking for tips to improve the gas mileage of your car? Your car's fuel consumption can be improved by following some simple tips. Discover how to save gas today and get a better MPG tomorrow.

Are There Jobs in the Green Economy?
What are green jobs -- and where in the green economy are they? Here's an introduction to the world of green collar jobs, environmental careers and renewable energy jobs.

8 Tips for a Green Office
A green office might seem like a workplace dream, but a few simple steps can help you go green at work. You might even save some money. Here are some simple tips on creating a sustainable office.

A Guide to Plastic Recycling
Much of our modern world is made of plastic, which means recycling plastic is more important than ever. But how do you recycle plastic, and what do plastic recycling numbers mean? Here's some guidance on recycling plastic bottles, bags, containers and other items made of plastic.

How to Save Energy: 12 Steps
Here are 12 easy tips for how to save energy. From your car to your dinner table, oil and other petroleum products have taken hold of every aspect of our lives, but you can easily loosen oil's grip on your existence by saving energy while saving money, too.

Green Celebrities
Green celebrities aren't all Tinseltown talk -- some, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Norton and Cameron Diaz actually walk the walk. Find out who the real green celebrities are in Hollywood.

Easy Ways to Save the Planet
By choosing to live an earth-friendly lifestyle, you can help to make a real difference. Here are some easy ways to go green.

What Is Sustainability?
Sustainability is a term used to evaluate industrial processes, economic systems, corporate policies -- and everyday lifestyles.

Women vs. Men: The Green Battle of the Sexes
It was only a matter of time before the battle of the sexes entered the realm of sustainability. Who's greener, men or women? The differences between men are women are apparent, but is one sex more sustainable than another?

America's Top Green Cities
Which are the greenest places to live in the U.S?

National Geographic's Green Guide
From a leader in environmental information, a comprehensive guide to green living.

AC or Windows Down: What's Better for Gas Mileage?
What gives your car better gas mileage: driving with your car's air conditioning on and the windows rolled up, or rolling the windows down and leaving the AC off? Look at what the experts say and learn how to improve your car's MPG on hot days -- AC or windows down.

NRDC Green Living Guide
Since 1970, the Natural Resources Defense Council has been fighting the good fight on behalf of our planet. Here are their suggestions for helping us all win that fight.

Green Living Magazine
The Canadian publication Green Living offers excellent tips and resources for those interested in sustainable living.

Green Living: Earth-Friendly Goods
Green living is more about living than shopping, but here's a good place to go for gift ideas and items for your own home and family.

Wean Yourself off Oil - Energy Conservation and Oil Use - Oil and Gas…
Got a tip for weaning America off of oil? Share your insights with all of us.

Examples of Greenwashing - Advertising and Greenwashing
As sustainable living and green products grow in popularity, so do examples of greenwashing. What are the worst examples of greenwashing you've seen? Here are a few of our favorite greenwashing advertisements and promotions.

Henry David Thoreau and 'Walden'
Henry David Thoreau spent his life in thoughtful observation of man, society and nature. This brief description of the life of Thoreau, and some illuminating Thoreau quotes, show how he became one of America's first and most ardent environmentalists.

Rachel Carson and Silent Spring
Rachel Carson is often credited with starting the modern environmental movement through her book Silent Spring. What was it about Silent Spring that made it such an environmental classic? Find out in this biography of Rachel Carson and a synopsis of Silent Spring.

Green Battle of the Sexes
It was only a matter of time before the battle of the sexes entered the realm of sustainability. Who's greener, men or women? What's your opinion?

Who Was John Muir?
John Muir was one of the most influential environmentalists in America, if not the world. His writings and activism inspired a generation of conservationists -- from presidents to Boy Scouts -- yet he's largely unknown today. Who was John Muir, and how did he further the cause of environmental preservation?

Aldo Leopold and 'A Sand County Almanac'
Aldo Leopold is often considered the godfather of wilderness preservation. His best-known books, A Sand County Almanac and Game Management, are among the most eloquent pleas for the conservation of wilderness ever written. Find out more about the life and times of this leading environmentalist.

The Life of Gifford Pinchot
Gifford Pinchot was an influential environmentalist, and he brought a new awareness of the value of forests and wild lands to the American public. In spite of this, he was despised by some of the 20th century's most ardent proponents of wilderness preservation.

Who Killed Chico Mendes?
Chico Mendes was an activist best known for his efforts at saving the rainforests of Brazil from logging and ranching activities. But his conservation efforts were too successful for some, and Mendes was shot and killed one night. Who killed Chico Mendes?

Carbon Pollution: Obama and Climate Change
President Obama mentioned carbon pollution several times in his June 2013 speech on climate change. What is carbon pollution, and how did Obama address fracking, the Keystone pipeline, climate change and other critical environmental issues?

The Life of Wangari Maathai
Wangari Maathai was an environmental leader and an activist for human rights. Founder of Africa's Green Belt Movement, Maathai was awarded the Nobel Prize for her efforts on behalf of the natural world and the people of Africa.

Edward Abbey and Earth First!
One of America's most outrageous and irascible environmentalists, Edward Abbey also wrote two of the movement's most influential books: Desert Solitaire and The Monkey Wrench Gang, which is credited with creating the "eco-terrorist" group known as Earth First! Find out more about the life and times of Edward Abbey.

Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day
Gaylord Nelson was the founder of Earth Day, yet his name is largely unknown outside his native Wisconsin. Discover the history of Earth Day and its founder, Senator Gaylord Nelson.

How Real Is the Water Crisis?
The water crisis now gripping some parts of the world is likely to spread, and few nations are prepared for a world water crisis. Drought, water shortage and a lack of safe drinking water are among the most immediate challenges facing the world today.

The Life of Julia Hill
Julia Hill, a.k.a. Julia Butterfly Hill, is among the most interesting environmentalists active today. Best known for spending over two years high in the branches of a redwood tree named Luna, Julia Hill remains active in environmental and social causes.

What Is a Greenhouse Gas?
What is a greenhouse gas? Discover the link between greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, the Earth's greenhouse effect, and how GHG can influence global warming and climate change. Change your green house gas output.

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
If you're wondering how to reduce greenhouse gases that are contributing to global warming and climate change, here is a list of easy ways to reduce greenhouse gas levels.

What Is the Rainforest Action Network?
The Rainforest Action Network is one of the world's most aggressive and confrontational environmental groups. Discover what makes the Rain forest Action Network, or RAN, so effective at saving the rainforest.

Population Growth: What's the Problem?
Population Growth

Meet the Neighbors: New Species Discovered
New species of animals have been discovered, and zoologists are trumpeting the discovery of these newly discovered animal species almost every month. Here's a list of new animals that have never been discovered before.

Your Carbon Footprint and How to Reduce It
Carbon Footprint

David Suzuki and 'The Nature of Things'
Information about David Suzuki, the David Suzuki Foundation and the famed Japanese-Canadian conservationist's well-received television series, The Nature of Things.

Cap and Trade: The Education Angle
How does cap and trade help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and does this kind of emissions trading - also called a carbon exchange or a carbon trade - actually work? Get the facts on cap and trade for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits of Hunting

Don't Recycle? Green Guilt? Join the Club
Don't recycle? Drive a gas-guzzling SUV? Crippled by green guilt? Well, join the club. Lots of people feel a lot of anxiety and guilt over their impact on the environment. Go ahead, confess your green sins, get over it, and try to do better next time.

sharks, shark fins, shark finning, shark fin soup, shark fishing, shark population

Don't Recycle - Confessions Guilt
If you don't recycle, drive a gas-guzzler, or just don't give a damn about the environment -- relax. Here's a safe, guilt-free place to confess your eco-sins.

Ozone: The Two-Faced Gas
Ozone is a gas with a somewhat confusing role. The ozone layer of our atmosphere is critical for life, and ozone layer depletion is an important environmental issue. But ozone in the lower atmosphere is a pollutant with serious health effects.

8 Reasons I Hate Christmas
I hate Christmas. But despite the millions of people who also hate xmas, we refuse to cancel Christmas. Here are 8 reasons why we should.

What Are Phthalates?
What is a phthalate and why should you care? Phthalates are found in thousands of ordinary household products like toys and baby items, and are endocrine disruptors that may be affecting your family's health.

The Benefits of IPM
IPM, or integrated pest management, is a more sustainable way of preventing and controlling insects and other pests. It's used in homes as well as in agriculture, but IPM is not the same as organic agriculture.

What Is a CAFO?
A concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO, is an essential part of modern agribusiness. But CAFOs have high health and environmental costs.

What Is a Dead Zone?
The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is only one of hundreds around the world. Discover what causes dead zones, and how they can be restored.

Briefing: Eutrophication and Algal Blooms
What causes eutrophication and algal blooms, and how does it result in hypoxia? Get the facts on this worldwide environmental problem.

Briefing: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Deepwater Horizon, deepwater horizon oil spill, gulf oil spill


Briefing: Types of Green Energy
Green energy is the best way of mitigating the environmental impact of energy use, but how realistic is clean energy as a source of power today? Take a look at these different types of energy sources.

A Brief Chat About Renewable Energy
Renewable energy describes several different sources of energy, from solar power to geothermal heat pumps. Discover how clean energy is transforming the intersection of environmental policy and energy economics worldwide.

Mountaintop Removal: Moving Mountains
Mountaintop removal is further proof that there's nothing we won't do for the profit and convenience that fossil fuels provide. As its name implies, mountain top mining explodes the tops of mountains to get at the coal underneath, in the process ruining the environment and the health of surrounding communities. But groups like I Love Mountains and other green activists are fighting back.

Energy Crisis: The OPEC Oil Embargo
Energy Crisis, Oil Embargo

Briefing: International Conservation
International Conservation

Neonicotinoids and Colony Collapse Disorder
Researchers suspect a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids may be causing colony collapse disorder, which is wiping out bee populations worldwide.

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