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Green at Home

Green living at home can be easy, fun and inexpensive. Find tips on turning your house or apartment into a safe, healthy green home.

10 Surprising Uses for Vinegar
Cleaning with vinegar is just one of many uses for this "miracle" product. There are dozens of household uses for vinegar, from lawn care to laundry. Discover how green cleaning with ordinary white vinegar can keep your household safe, healthy and clean.

Let's Talk About VOC-Containing Paint
What is a volatile organic compound, or VOC? VOCs are found in a number of products including paint. There are eco-friendly paint products, including low-VOC paint and no-VOC paint and painting supplies.

Winterize Your Home to Save Energy
There are many ways to winterize your home to save energy and money, but these few tips are easy enough for anyone to do and cost next to nothing. Lower your energy bills by performing home energy audits, using free solar energy, and spending a few dollars on simple items like draft snakes to save hundreds in home heating bills.

How to Change a Thermostat
Change a thermostat to a programmable thermostat and save hundreds of dollars each year in lower energy bills. It's easy to install a thermostat to save energy - and money - today.

A Guide to Plastic Recycling
Much of our modern world is made of plastic, which means recycling plastic is more important than ever. But how do you recycle plastic, and what do plastic recycling numbers mean? Here's some guidance on recycling plastic bottles, bags, containers and other items made of plastic.

Tips for Saving Electricity and Cooling Your Home
Keep your cool in the summer heat while saving electricity and lowering your AC bills with this advice from the EPA. Set your thermostat at a comfortable level while saving energy and money.

Energy-Efficient Lighting
Can you change the world by changing your light bulbs?

Recycling Symbols Made Easy
Recycling symbols for paper, plastic and metal are explained in easy-to-understand language. Learn how to recycle by finding out what different recycling symbols mean.

8 Easy Ways to Have a Green Bathroom
Looking to go green in your bathroom? You can have a green bathroom with these easy ways to save water and energy. Your shower, your toilet and your sink can all be eco-bathroom fixtures. You'll lower your water and electric bills, too, with these green bathroom ideas.

How to Recycle Anything
Learn how to recycle anything with this list of recycling options. Get the facts about recycling glass, plastic, cans and metal containers.

Green Cleaning with Homemade Cleaners
Ready to start green cleaning with homemade cleaners? Clean your home with the eight healthy, green cleaners listed here. From the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower and toilet, these eco-friendly natural cleaners will get the job done -- and for a lot less money.

6 Tips for Natural Pest Control
Natural pest control is safer, and often more effective, than chemical pesticides at managing the bugs that want to share your home. There are safe, natural practices that will keep you healthy and keep your home free from insects and other pests.

Tips for Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
Green cleaning is a smart way to clean your house the safe, non-toxic way. Take a look at these tips for cleaning your house with natural cleaners and green cleaning products from the store, or try homemade cleaners in your kitchen, bathroom and everywhere in your home.

New vs. Old Green Cleaning Products
Review some popular green cleaning products, including DIY cleaners you can make yourself. Which all-natural cleaner works best on a messy kitchen?

8 Tips for a Green Laundry
Make clothes washing a little more sustainable by saving energy with these easy, affordable green laundry tips.

Find a Truly Green Christmas Tree
Having a green, sustainable holiday usually means finding a green Christmas tree. But what's best, an artificial or real Christmas tree? There are several options for having green Christmas trees.

How to Recycle Cardboard
Recycling cardboard should be easy, but not all cardboard and paperboard can be recycled. Get the facts on how to recycle cardboard.

How to Compost: 7 Easy Steps
Discover how to compost in this easy, one-page step-by-step guide to composting. From selecting the right bin to turning the compost, you'll see how easy composting is.

Get the Facts on Recycling Electronics
Recycling electronics isn't as easy as it should be, but with the amount of heavy metals and other hazardous components in TV sets, computers, cell phones, monitors and other electronic devices, it's important to get the facts on how to recycle electronics and other e-waste.

What Is a CFL?
What is a CFL, and how do compact fluorescent lamps save money? Read this definition of CFLs and learn about the benefits and risks of CFL lighting.

LED Christmas Lights: A Bright Idea
LED Christmas lights are not only safer than older incandescent lights, but these indoor and outdoor Christmas lights use a lot less energy. Decorate your home this holiday with LED lights on your Christmas tree, holiday wreaths and other seasonal decorations for big energy savings this season.

Water Conservation Begins at Home
Water conservation is an easy way to save money while helping to conserve a precious resource. Discover how to reduce your water bill and conserve water with easy-to-install fixtures and appliances. Sink faucets, toilets, showers and outdoor yard watering can be more water-conserving with these tips.

Aluminum Recycling: Yes You Can
Aluminum recycling and can recycling is one of the environmental movement's great success stories. In some places, over 95% of all aluminum is recycled. But can you recycle metal items like coat hangers, steel cans, aluminum foil and other items?

What's the Dirt on Green Dry Cleaning?
Green dry cleaning without the chemical perchloroethylene, or perc, can still get your clothes clean and fresh. Can dry cleaning with perchloroethylene really contribute to cancer, and where are the natural or green dry cleaners?

Review Dishwasher Detergents without Phosphates
Dishwasher detergents without phosphates are now the norm -- but how good are they? Many people are fuming about how ineffective these new...See submissions

The Glass Recycling Process
Glass recycling reduces the energy needed to create glass bottles, jars and other glass objects. Get the facts on the glass recycling process, find where to recycle glass, and learn how glass recycling is good for you and the environment.

How to Save Energy: 12 Steps
Here are 12 easy tips for how to save energy. From your car to your dinner table, oil and other petroleum products have taken hold of every aspect of our lives, but you can easily loosen oil's grip on your existence by saving energy while saving money, too.

The 7 Hallmarks of a Green Building
Ever wonder what makes a green building green? Sustainable building design is not just a fad, as energy efficiency, green products and safe, healthy buildings become more prominent worldwide. These seven criteria define green buildings, sustainable architecture and green homes.

Is Bamboo Green?
A sustainable bamboo floor has the look and hardness of a hardwood floor, with the reputation of being a sustainable, green flooring option. But is bamboo green when used as flooring or other uses?

7 Great Reasons to Compost
Are you ready to start composting, but need some convincing before you start that compost pile? Here are the basics of composting, and 7 good reasons to start recycling your kitchen waste and lawn clippings into yard and garden fertilizer.

What Is a Xeriscape?
Xeriscape is a type of landscape design that emphasizes the beauty of drought-tolerant plants that need less water to thrive. But what does xeriscaping look like, and is a xeriscape landscape design a good idea for places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California?

What to Compost - and What Not to Compost
If you're wondering what to compost, and what items are not safe for your composting bin, look no further. This list of EPA-approved composting materials will help you sort out what should and should not be put in your compost.

Dispose of Medication the Safe Way
The safe way to dispose of medication doesn't mean flushing drugs down the toilet, where they'll pollute groundwater and drinking water supplies. But what is the safest way to dispose of drugs?

Rain Water Harvesting with Algreen's Rain Barrel
A rain barrel is a great idea for rain water harvesting. This review of Algreen Product's rain water harvesting system includes information on rain water storage and a user's review of an Algreen rain barrel.

Rain Water Harvesting with a Rain Barrel
A rain barrel is an ideal rain water harvesting system. But what should you look for in a rain barrel? And what can you safely do with stored rain water? Discover the facts about rain water harvesting with a rain barrel.

How to Get Rid of Smells Naturally
A natural home deodorizer is safer than other air fresheners when your house smells, right? Wrong. Several brands of "natural" air fresheners also contain several toxic compounds. Keep indoor air fresh with safe, healthy products that combat home odor. Here's how to get rid of smells naturally.

8 Tips for Green Lawn Care
Green lawn care will give you a beautiful, safe lawn. Follow these organic lawn care tips for a healthy lawn that takes advantage of natural weed killers and other smart lawn care tips. These green lawn care tips will give you a green lawn that's safe and natural.

How to Wash Your Car the Green Way
A green car wash means you don't have to waste water and send pollutants downstream. Learn how to wash your car the sustainable way with these green carwash tips.

Plant a Wind Break to Save Energy
How can a tree help you save energy? A wind break or even a single shade tree, if planted in the right place, can greatly reduce your home's electric bills. Learn how wind breaks and shade trees can save energy while beautifying your home.

A Green Guide to Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
Guide to Energy-Saving Lights

Uses for Vinegar - Green Cleaning and Vinegar
There are dozens of surprising uses for vinegar. Share your favorites with fellow readers.

Christmas Tree Recycling Made Easy
Christmas tree recycling is a post-holiday chore that's a lot easier than it used to be. Fortunately, many local governments, retail stores and other groups are making it easier to recycle a Christmas tree. Get the facts on Xmas tree recycling before you deck the halls.

8 Benefits of Green Buildings
Why do people build green buildings? There are many benefits to green sustainable architecture. Construction costs may or may not be higher, but energy efficiency and water conservation mean green buildings and sustainable architecture are actually cheaper -- in the short run and the long run. Get the facts on green building benefits.

Spring Cleaning Made Easy
Spring cleaning just got a lot easier with this spring cleaning list. Help for spring clean up after pets and kids, outdoor clean up, and green cleaning tips. Start your springcleaning today!

Try Homemade Dish Detergent
For clean, sparkling dishes and glasses, try a natural, homemade dish detergent that's safe for you and the environment. Washing your dishes doesn't have to dirty the environment with homemade dishwasher detergent.

Briefing: The Farm-to-Fork Movement
The farm-to-fork movement - sometimes called farm to table or farm to market - is actually a return to an older, more traditional way of getting food on your plate. From the farm or ranch to homes, businesses and farm-to-table restaurants, get the facts on this foodie revolution.

What Is Compost Tea?
Compost tea is a great way to help your garden plants thrive, and this simple compost tea recipe requires only a few supplies and ingredients.

8 Great Green Movies and Nature Films
Green movies and nature movies are growing in popularity among all age groups. Whether you're choosing movies for Earth Day or just want to learn more about how to go green, here's a list of the best green films and nature films.

Standby Power: The Vampire Power Sucker
Standby power is the energy consumed by electric appliances even when they're in the "off" mode. Also called vampire power or phantom load, it can be managed with simple steps: turn off the monitor, switch off power strips and unplug appliances to keep power vampires from running up your electric bill.

How to Conserve Water
If you're looking for ways to conserve water, follow these simple tips, and you'll save water in more ways than you thought possible. Water conservation is up to you.

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