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How to Get USDA Organic Certification
The best way to find out if your farm or product is eligible for USDA organic certification is to contact a reputable organic certifying agent. An organic certification ...
What Does Gluten-Free Certification Mean for Consumers?
Apr 16, 2014 ... Manufacturers that cater to the growing gluten-free consumer market increasingly are pursuing gluten-free certification for their products.
10 Frequently Asked Questions About Organic Labels
Any product certified to USDA organic standards is allowed to wear the USDA Organic Seal. Products allowed to wear the seal include food, clothing, personal  ...
Organic Personal Care Products - Should ... - Organic Business
... but it's not all rosy. Certification debates over organic body care causes some problems. ... Why Certify Organic Personal Care Products if You Don't Have To?
9 Products That Qualify for Organic Certification - Organic Business
Many different types of products are eligible for organic certification, although some products do have more stringent certifying criteria than others. That said ...
When Is Organic Really Organic? - Organic Business
Without certification to back a product up, the consumer must ask the grower of the product questions about their growing methods to determine organic integrity.
What Is Certified Organic? - Definition - Organic Business - About.com
Certified organic, when used in the United States in relationship to agricultural products, means that the product has been certified to meet specific standards ...
Which Food Products Cannot be Certified Organic?
There are so many certified organic foods on the market today that you might think all food can be certified - but that's not exactly true.
Am I Eligible for USDA Organic Certification? - Organic Business
Furthermore, certification allows your product to wear the USDA organic seal and means you can sell your products as truly organic. That said, before you can ...
Certified Products - What Does "Certified" Mean?
A product certification guarantees that a given product has met a specific set of standards put forth by the government, an independent interest group, or some ...
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