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Green Hollywood - Ed Norton - Green Living - About.com
Green Hollywood celebrities aren't all Tinseltown talk -- some, like Leonardo ... Oscar-nominated actor Edward Norton comes from a long line of activists: His ...
The Life of Julia Hill - Green Living - About.com
has earned a degree of environmental credibility few people alive today can match. What motivates this activist, and what has she done since coming down to  ...
Who Killed Chico Mendes? - Green Living - About.com
Chico Mendes was an activist best known for his efforts at saving the rainforests of Brazil from logging and ranching activities. But his conservation efforts were ...
Profile of Brad Pitt, Activist & Film Actor
Brad Pitt, long interested in architecture, joined with Global Green USA in July 2006 to ... for his liaisons and attractive looks as for his acting skills and activism.
Muslim Environmental Organizations - About.com Islam
Several Muslim organizations throughout the world are taking that responsibility to an active level, dedicating themselves to environmental protection.
Environmental Issues - Activism and Volunteering
Get involved! Here's where to find environmental organizations that welcome people like you, who are willing to get involved through activism or volunteering.
Global Warming Skepticism - Why Most Conservatives are not ...
And while conservatives enjoy a good debate, the green activists often do not. " The science is settled," they like to proclaim. Is it? Here are four reasons ...
Earth Day, Environmentalism and Islam - About.com Islam
In Islamic history, Ottoman civilization provides us with another example of the seriousness with which Muslims have traditionally taken their environmental ...
Religious Organizations Preach Environmental Stewardship
Faith-based Environmental Programs Reflect Spiritual Teachings .... Issues: Activism & Volunteering · Environmental Issues: Environmental Activist News; For  ...
When Did the U.S. Environmental Movement Begin?
Many other people associate the beginning of the environmental movement with ... Environmental Issues · Environmental Issues: Activism & Volunteering; When ...
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